Saturday, December 24, 2011

Breakup Letter to Procrastination.

Dear Procrastination,

You suck. I'm sorry to put that so bluntly, but you really do. You have taken over my life to the point I don't feel like I can do anything anymore. I get the urge to write and right when I sit down, you remind me of something else I have to do before I actually get my novel written. You are bad for my career and I wish to break up with you.

Don't get me wrong... I'm sure I've led you on in one way or another. After all, my blog is titled, "One Day I Will." Well, I'm sorry if that gave you the wrong impression, but that "one day" is something I wish would be sooner rather than later

I'm tired of you trying to come on to me in so many different ways. Don't lie because I've come to learn your wicked ways. Don't think I haven't seen you in the form of "Facebook" or "YouTube" or heck.. you even take on the form of my own television sometime. (Although, I must admit I find you quite appealing when you come in the form of Psych and TerraNova... even your Dr. Who form!) 

I understand that you want my life to be full of fun but you have taken it far beyond that. You have caused me to waste countless hours over your stupid games and what have I to show for it? Hmm? Do you see my future award winning novel in my near future with you by my side? My goal is to have my novel published by the time I am 22. With you, I would end up waiting until I am 55. 

I am tired of waiting, Procrastination. 

Now I will admit, I have found another that is more beneficial than you. His name is Determination. He is the reason I was able to receive a 4.0 GPA. You did nothing to help with that.  Determination pushes me to get writing on "KeyNovel" and even supports me with the occasional trip to Starbucks! (Which reminds me, you never took me to Starbucks.. you always claimed you would do it "later.")

So, Procrastination? Leave me alone, ok? And for Pete's sake-- whoever Pete actually is-- leave my friends alone too. I know my friends Christina and Bridget hate your guts.. after all, we are writers with big dreams. 

Goodbye Forever, Procrastination. I really wouldn't care if a crack in space made you disappear forever. 
I got to go. Determination is here and we are setting a deadline for my novel's first draft today. I know I said I would never set one, but I fear that too was your influence. 

Drop dead. 

-Sarah Noell Bielicki

P.S. Just be thankful I'm not Taylor Swift or there would be a song written about you. Who knows! I may just do that one day to spite you. Jerk.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Writing "Me"

Today I read a quote on my favorite author's website that really struck a chord with me. The quote read as follows: "write the book you've always wanted to read, but can't find on the shelf." I read this quote during the AM, and even in dark hours of PM, the quote still haunts me.

What I want to read... but couldn't find on the shelf. Hmm. 

This got me thinking. I maximized all the novel ideas I had stored in my memory log, and ran through each and every one of their plots. (Mind you, I currently have eight plots brewing in this thinker). All but maybe one plot was unique and completely "Me." They are the stories of my mind that I want to tell the world about. They are stories that people can either accept or disapprove of entirely. They are stories that are... well... ME!

So what does it mean to write "Me?" I thought about this over a gigantic cup of Java Chip coffee. (Starbucks had run out of the venti cups and gave me an even LARGER cup. Gotta love those coffee folk.) I thought that anything I wrote would automatically be me. My words, my imaginations, me. It kept bugging me more than the seemingly thousands of gnats flying around my house. 

In Maggie's post, she says something that helped to clarify what 'Me" could be. In describing what made the novel her best writing yet, she states: "I adore race movies and I'll watch absolutely any one of them that comes on. Days of Thunder, Herbie, The Black Stallion. I love reading about descriptions of food, so in that went. I love old magic that looks like superstition until suddenly, in the dark, it's real. I loved the horses that I had growing up and in college, though I remember just how much work they were too, in the frosty mornings when your fingers are too cold to work. And, of course, the ocean, too" 

This made me think about my KeyNovel, a novel I've been writing for quite some time. I evaluated myself and thought, "Is this novel me? When people read this, will they be completely surprised with the story line?" I know beyond a doubt that if someone were to read my writing, they would hear (or see depending on how you view things) me on every page, laughing and crying along with each written line. Even down to the fact that the main character is someone--something-- from my past. Want a hint? Think along the lines of hot guys and cuddly dinosaurs. If you were me, this would make perfect sense. 

In conclusion, my novels will be "Me." Wait and see. You will be amazed by what this will look like. 

And you should too! (But about yourself!) 

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, well. Look who has been getting lazy.

Before anyone strains their brain too much, I'll just admit it. I've been the lazy one. But from here on out, I am pushing myself forward with the hopes that One Day I Will.

Recently, I have enrolled myself into a fantastic community college known as Moraine Valley. Having only been there a week, you would never imagine that it would have already made such a difference in me. Allow me to express my confidence visually. My confidence went from this:

To this:

Incredible, yes? Good! I am glad you agree.

So where will you see me these next few months?

1. Dedicating my time to my college which consists of
   a. College Math (Oh so hated)
   b. Humanities(!!!)
   c. Speech Fundamentals (More to be said about this in a different blog post!!)
   d. College... a class about being in college. (?)
   e. And last but not least, Intro to Psychology! (Because... who doesn't enjoy learning what makes a brain tick?)

2. Writing, and writing, and writing some more.
   My brain is now too large to contain any more information about KeyNovel that I have upgraded to a better anti-virus (Also known as coffee). So, in order to save software from overheating, I will be writing furiously to preserve my soul.
   Plus, writing just got easier now that I have a brand new, super-special-awesome laptop! (Which according to an article I randomly came across, they are now to be known as "portable computers." Yeah... that'll catch on.)

3.  I shall be a director of a drama group for grades 4-11!
   Yes! Every Thursday I will get to teach drama to open, young minds! Until I have time to digest this mind blowing experience, I will save that talk for a later post. If you are interested in finding out about our local drama and other learning experiences including 4-H. debate, creative writing, and TONS more, click here!

4.  I want to learn to play the guitar like a rock star! Ok... maybe not a rock star... but something with a fantasy edge to it would be nice!

5.  And finally, Sarah can be found doing what she does best. (when she is not stalking author's blogs..) BEING HERSELF!!!
   Um... why did I just switch to third person?! Sarah should stop drinking coffee but uh..... Yeah, no.

Night, people! Tomorrow will be a crazy one for me! But remember, always count your books before you sleep. You never know when a book fairy will drop by and steal one...

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lookie, Lookie, I found a fairy!

A challenge was given by Lisa Mantchev to find photographic evidence of fairies. Her rules were simple:
  • Obtain photographic proof of the existence of fairies.
  • Email author Lisa Mantchev ( ) with the subject header THE GREAT FAIRY HUNT and include link(s) to your photographic evidence.
Easy, right? That's what I thought! All I had to do was mess around with my local forestey area and perhaps add a few sparkles to the earth and wha-lah! Fairy proof! This is what I originally came up with:

Then I thought.. It looks too much like a Polly Pocket.. Lisa would never fall for such a trick! So I decided to tilt my camera at a different angle and this is where the real proof began!

I took a few seconds to examine this picture; the bright yellow dot seemed to appear out of no where! I looked down and went to brush it away, but it was gone. Upon further searching, I found that it had moved! It was now heading towards the creek!

One thought crossed my mind. Had my fake fairy somehow interested... a real fairy?!

As quick as I could possibly manage, I whipped out my camera again, aiming at the bright yellow spot. It glimmered for a moment, and then, to my astonishment, a young girl took it's place! But not just any girl.. this girl had shimmering blue wings fluttering from her back!

Before this pretty thing could see me, I hid in some bushes, my shaking hands aimed right at her form. She played in the water for a bit, laughing lightly as it soaked her skin.

The Fairy crossed the creek then, making her way to what a certain tree that always had a sense of... oh.. how should I say it? It always had a sense of enchantment to it! Can you imagine my delight as I watched a fairy move towards my favorite tree?!

Here are a few more pictures I managed to snatch before the fairy disappeared!
Now it seemed like the fairy was beginning to feel sleepy. Five minutes later, she had fallen asleep. I carefully and quietly crossed the river to get a closeup of her. Needless to say, I crossed the river less gracefully than she had. My pants were soaked, but I managed to snap the picture I had wanted so!Unfortunately, my clumsy, mortal feet stepped on a looser part of the tree, causing me to nearly fall into the water below. My noise woke the sleeping fairy up and she flew into the tree and disappeared. I will miss my little fairy!

~~~*A special thanks to Hannah Bielicki for allowing me to use you as my fairy model. You are very beautiful and quite the treasure!*~~~

Friday, May 6, 2011

My name is Issac

I wrote this poem right after my grandmother, a nurse in Texas, finished telling me the saddest tale.

She had been working one night when a young child was brought to them with an awful water burn across it's chest. This was no fresh burn. The burn appeared to have been on the child for a couple of days. Not only that, the scar on the child's chest was so defined that it seemed like the water was tossed purposely against the child.

The story seems to play out that a father brought in a badly burned baby- claiming that his mother had brought the baby to him in that condition the day before.

The day before?

Why did that father wait?

Why didn’t the mother react?

Child Abuse.
It happens every day.

This child ended up dying. I changed the name of the boy out of respect.

If you wish to share this poem elsewhere, please let me know in the comment area! Thank you and enjoy!



My name is Isaac.
I am 18 months old.
I have a story to tell.
It’s a story that must be told.

Last week my mother loved me.
This week I’m not too sure.
Today my skin is burning.
And I doubt that there is a cure.

My mom just laughed it off,
Said it was “No big deal.”
And now my skin is burning.
And I doubt that it will heal.

Today my eyes are wet.
They are filled with my child tears
Because my skin is burning.
The worst of all my fears.

Now I’m with my Daddy.
Mom could not look at me no more.
Because my ugly skin is burning
I’ve been labeled as a chore.

I’m confused and I’m alone.
Why does no one care
That my skin is burning.
A fake smile I must wear.

Tomorrow comes so slowly.
Will this burning ever end?
Because my skin is flaming,
My limbs pain to bend.

Now my Daddy is angry,
I’m causing him too much stress.
Because my skin is burning
He is taking me in for a test.

The car seat rubs my skin
Causing me awful pain.
Because my skin is burning.
Dad can not hear my cries for I’m quieter then Cocaine.

I don’t remember much now
Because the nurse’s hand is kind.
My skin is no longer burning.
I’m about to leave this world behind.

Daddy is in jail now
And Mommy followed too.
Because my skin was burning
And there was nothing they wanted to do.

Jesus comes from behind me wipes away my tears.
I’m no longer sad ,because in this world, there is no fear.
And now my parents are both learning
That they shouldn't have left my tender skin burning.

Fanciful is a fun, fantastic word for my fearsome fairytale!

Have you ever had a time in your writing life when a word just pops into your mind? Needless to say, I have experienced such a moment!


Spectacular word, is it not?!

The meaning that my computer dictionary gives for this tasteful sounding word is as follows:

1. imaginary: based on imagination or dreams
2. imaginative and impractical: led by imagination rather than realism and practicality
3. curiously made: strangely and imaginatively designed or made

Fanciful... Oh, yes. I do believe this word will become a favorite of mine.

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Monday, May 2, 2011


My favorite author, Maggie Stiefvater, is having a contest for the newest and last installment of her Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. And I would like to enter it! I know it has been a while since I last blogged, but I promise that I will write some more later!

I will post links to all three of the trailers to show you how amazing they are. When it comes time for me to have a book trailer, I hope they turn out just as wonderful. By the way, Maggie composed the music and created the trailers! Such talent!

Here is the first one!

And the second one!

And lastly, the third trailer!

If you would like to preorder Forever, or any other Maggie related novels, go to