Friday, May 6, 2011

My name is Issac

I wrote this poem right after my grandmother, a nurse in Texas, finished telling me the saddest tale.

She had been working one night when a young child was brought to them with an awful water burn across it's chest. This was no fresh burn. The burn appeared to have been on the child for a couple of days. Not only that, the scar on the child's chest was so defined that it seemed like the water was tossed purposely against the child.

The story seems to play out that a father brought in a badly burned baby- claiming that his mother had brought the baby to him in that condition the day before.

The day before?

Why did that father wait?

Why didn’t the mother react?

Child Abuse.
It happens every day.

This child ended up dying. I changed the name of the boy out of respect.

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My name is Isaac.
I am 18 months old.
I have a story to tell.
It’s a story that must be told.

Last week my mother loved me.
This week I’m not too sure.
Today my skin is burning.
And I doubt that there is a cure.

My mom just laughed it off,
Said it was “No big deal.”
And now my skin is burning.
And I doubt that it will heal.

Today my eyes are wet.
They are filled with my child tears
Because my skin is burning.
The worst of all my fears.

Now I’m with my Daddy.
Mom could not look at me no more.
Because my ugly skin is burning
I’ve been labeled as a chore.

I’m confused and I’m alone.
Why does no one care
That my skin is burning.
A fake smile I must wear.

Tomorrow comes so slowly.
Will this burning ever end?
Because my skin is flaming,
My limbs pain to bend.

Now my Daddy is angry,
I’m causing him too much stress.
Because my skin is burning
He is taking me in for a test.

The car seat rubs my skin
Causing me awful pain.
Because my skin is burning.
Dad can not hear my cries for I’m quieter then Cocaine.

I don’t remember much now
Because the nurse’s hand is kind.
My skin is no longer burning.
I’m about to leave this world behind.

Daddy is in jail now
And Mommy followed too.
Because my skin was burning
And there was nothing they wanted to do.

Jesus comes from behind me wipes away my tears.
I’m no longer sad ,because in this world, there is no fear.
And now my parents are both learning
That they shouldn't have left my tender skin burning.

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