Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lookie, Lookie, I found a fairy!

A challenge was given by Lisa Mantchev to find photographic evidence of fairies. Her rules were simple:
  • Obtain photographic proof of the existence of fairies.
  • Email author Lisa Mantchev ( lisa@lisamantchev.com ) with the subject header THE GREAT FAIRY HUNT and include link(s) to your photographic evidence.
Easy, right? That's what I thought! All I had to do was mess around with my local forestey area and perhaps add a few sparkles to the earth and wha-lah! Fairy proof! This is what I originally came up with:

Then I thought.. It looks too much like a Polly Pocket.. Lisa would never fall for such a trick! So I decided to tilt my camera at a different angle and this is where the real proof began!

I took a few seconds to examine this picture; the bright yellow dot seemed to appear out of no where! I looked down and went to brush it away, but it was gone. Upon further searching, I found that it had moved! It was now heading towards the creek!

One thought crossed my mind. Had my fake fairy somehow interested... a real fairy?!

As quick as I could possibly manage, I whipped out my camera again, aiming at the bright yellow spot. It glimmered for a moment, and then, to my astonishment, a young girl took it's place! But not just any girl.. this girl had shimmering blue wings fluttering from her back!

Before this pretty thing could see me, I hid in some bushes, my shaking hands aimed right at her form. She played in the water for a bit, laughing lightly as it soaked her skin.

The Fairy crossed the creek then, making her way to what a certain tree that always had a sense of... oh.. how should I say it? It always had a sense of enchantment to it! Can you imagine my delight as I watched a fairy move towards my favorite tree?!

Here are a few more pictures I managed to snatch before the fairy disappeared!
Now it seemed like the fairy was beginning to feel sleepy. Five minutes later, she had fallen asleep. I carefully and quietly crossed the river to get a closeup of her. Needless to say, I crossed the river less gracefully than she had. My pants were soaked, but I managed to snap the picture I had wanted so!Unfortunately, my clumsy, mortal feet stepped on a looser part of the tree, causing me to nearly fall into the water below. My noise woke the sleeping fairy up and she flew into the tree and disappeared. I will miss my little fairy!

~~~*A special thanks to Hannah Bielicki for allowing me to use you as my fairy model. You are very beautiful and quite the treasure!*~~~