Saturday, December 24, 2011

Breakup Letter to Procrastination.

Dear Procrastination,

You suck. I'm sorry to put that so bluntly, but you really do. You have taken over my life to the point I don't feel like I can do anything anymore. I get the urge to write and right when I sit down, you remind me of something else I have to do before I actually get my novel written. You are bad for my career and I wish to break up with you.

Don't get me wrong... I'm sure I've led you on in one way or another. After all, my blog is titled, "One Day I Will." Well, I'm sorry if that gave you the wrong impression, but that "one day" is something I wish would be sooner rather than later

I'm tired of you trying to come on to me in so many different ways. Don't lie because I've come to learn your wicked ways. Don't think I haven't seen you in the form of "Facebook" or "YouTube" or heck.. you even take on the form of my own television sometime. (Although, I must admit I find you quite appealing when you come in the form of Psych and TerraNova... even your Dr. Who form!) 

I understand that you want my life to be full of fun but you have taken it far beyond that. You have caused me to waste countless hours over your stupid games and what have I to show for it? Hmm? Do you see my future award winning novel in my near future with you by my side? My goal is to have my novel published by the time I am 22. With you, I would end up waiting until I am 55. 

I am tired of waiting, Procrastination. 

Now I will admit, I have found another that is more beneficial than you. His name is Determination. He is the reason I was able to receive a 4.0 GPA. You did nothing to help with that.  Determination pushes me to get writing on "KeyNovel" and even supports me with the occasional trip to Starbucks! (Which reminds me, you never took me to Starbucks.. you always claimed you would do it "later.")

So, Procrastination? Leave me alone, ok? And for Pete's sake-- whoever Pete actually is-- leave my friends alone too. I know my friends Christina and Bridget hate your guts.. after all, we are writers with big dreams. 

Goodbye Forever, Procrastination. I really wouldn't care if a crack in space made you disappear forever. 
I got to go. Determination is here and we are setting a deadline for my novel's first draft today. I know I said I would never set one, but I fear that too was your influence. 

Drop dead. 

-Sarah Noell Bielicki

P.S. Just be thankful I'm not Taylor Swift or there would be a song written about you. Who knows! I may just do that one day to spite you. Jerk.