Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Writing "Me"

Today I read a quote on my favorite author's website that really struck a chord with me. The quote read as follows: "write the book you've always wanted to read, but can't find on the shelf." I read this quote during the AM, and even in dark hours of PM, the quote still haunts me.

What I want to read... but couldn't find on the shelf. Hmm. 

This got me thinking. I maximized all the novel ideas I had stored in my memory log, and ran through each and every one of their plots. (Mind you, I currently have eight plots brewing in this thinker). All but maybe one plot was unique and completely "Me." They are the stories of my mind that I want to tell the world about. They are stories that people can either accept or disapprove of entirely. They are stories that are... well... ME!

So what does it mean to write "Me?" I thought about this over a gigantic cup of Java Chip coffee. (Starbucks had run out of the venti cups and gave me an even LARGER cup. Gotta love those coffee folk.) I thought that anything I wrote would automatically be me. My words, my imaginations, me. It kept bugging me more than the seemingly thousands of gnats flying around my house. 

In Maggie's post, she says something that helped to clarify what 'Me" could be. In describing what made the novel her best writing yet, she states: "I adore race movies and I'll watch absolutely any one of them that comes on. Days of Thunder, Herbie, The Black Stallion. I love reading about descriptions of food, so in that went. I love old magic that looks like superstition until suddenly, in the dark, it's real. I loved the horses that I had growing up and in college, though I remember just how much work they were too, in the frosty mornings when your fingers are too cold to work. And, of course, the ocean, too" 

This made me think about my KeyNovel, a novel I've been writing for quite some time. I evaluated myself and thought, "Is this novel me? When people read this, will they be completely surprised with the story line?" I know beyond a doubt that if someone were to read my writing, they would hear (or see depending on how you view things) me on every page, laughing and crying along with each written line. Even down to the fact that the main character is someone--something-- from my past. Want a hint? Think along the lines of hot guys and cuddly dinosaurs. If you were me, this would make perfect sense. 

In conclusion, my novels will be "Me." Wait and see. You will be amazed by what this will look like. 

And you should too! (But about yourself!) 

Current Music- "Everybody Loves Me" by One Republic


  1. =) As your best friend, I'm probably obligated to comment on your blogs, But I'm not doing this because I am your best friend... I'm doing it because I want to!! (Not because I felt bad that you had no comments... =D ) What this is suppose to say is.. Keep doing what your doing! Someday you will be that awesome writer you have always dreamed!! (Not saying you aren't now or anything!) Love Ya!! Don't change who you are because I love you my bestie!!! <3

  2. Bless your dear heart, Brittany for posting this comment. Now act like you don't know me and comment on more posts! (Kidding, kidding.)